Mafia 2 & L.A. Noire

Mafia II-©2KCzech & L.A. Noire-©RockstarGames motion capture.
I don't like at all the motion capture in animation movies, but for games I think, this is brilliant. In this case, this is very inspiring for an animator, for motion and acting.


Andrew said...

I know that this is a widely debated topic but should i as an animation student, interested in pursuing a career in games, be worried about this?

Thanks for the post and the site - keep them coming =D

AndrewRoot said...

I think it is a big difference between ART (animation) and recording movements!

Chris said...

I might be biased because my company sells motion capture systems, but why would you say that it is not an art? Now you have to include the background the acting, a director, so you have a more encompassing art experience.
I'm curious to hear (read would be a better word...) your opinion.