Arthur et la Guerre des deux mondes

Reference videos and a little progression reel - ARTHUR ET LA GUERRE DES DEUX MONDES ©EuropaCorp


Parkour progression Reel- ©Michael Cawood


Mytho-Logique Progression Reel © Guillaume Poitel, Jessica Ambron, Amandine Aramini, Alexandre Belbari et Yannick Vincent.

Casseta e Planeta

Casseta e Planeta Progression Reel    © 
Animators: Marcos Piolla, Sid Ahearne, Bruno Costa, Marcelo Papf, Tiago Saad and Aline Coelho with backgrounds by Beto Campos.


This is another progression from animator: Kyle Kenworthy for 11SC august entry. 
So ©Kyle Kenworthy.